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Classic Folk Ballads Of The British Isles And More:

Enjoy Unplugged and Traditional Music, Every Enthusiast Should Know….Songs Of Long Ago.

Tunes Included:

Molly Malone/Cockles And Mussels

Drunken Sailor (Sea Shanty)

The Rogue Of Dundee(Original)

Greensleeves(Broadside Ballad)

Barbra Allen (Child Ballad # 84)

Mbube/Wimoweh(African Lullaby)

Scarborough Faire (Child Ballad # 2)

Pawn Porter (Original)

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Ann Boleyn (Original)

Danny Boy (Londonderry Air)

House Carpenter (Child Ballad # 243)

Loch Loehman/Red Is The Rose

Black Velvet Band (Van Dieman’s Land)

Parting Glass/ Auld Lang Syne

The Ash Grove (Welsh)

The Song That Inspired The Creation Of This Sect Of Dundee’s, was a song I wrote for a bunch of Pirates back in 1991 called “The Rogue of Dundee”.

My first Faire experience in the Spring of 1983 was awesome. In 1984 became a cast member with Scarborough Faire, just south of Dallas/Fort Worth At that time I was a Strolling Minstrel, Azel Haisem. VERY interesting people, cast members. A whole new world. Some travel the circuit, others are professional folks who love play acting on the weekend.

Rejoined Scarborough cast in 1991 & 1992 as The Rogue of Dundee/The Moor Of Dundee. Being cast is hard “work”, and you’re always on a schedule. Being a “Playtron” is much easier and flexible for MOI… Either way, this Ren fantasy “life” can be quite an obssesively addicting serious hobby. Historical Re-enactment is FUN !

During the 2002 season, decided to record a traditional sounding CD of some of the most popular folk songs from about 1555-1825, many in their original LONG PLAY form. I wanted an “authentic” FOLK sound and put in a few “originals” in a style of the period also….An artistic expression within a Cottage Industry, from the Renaissance to the Restoration to the Romantic Era. It all works at the Faire !


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