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British Food Of The Renaissance Was Fairly Bland and Boring. Meals were generally boiled with little more than salt as a seasoning. THANK GOD for Africa, Asia and the Middle East who grew so many of the spices we still use today !!! Venison and other Wild Game were certainly common, as were recipes for LARD PIES, a delicacy and quite a treat (Yuck), of the day. The following MENU Items are just Suggestions,should you decide to have a 21st Century Renaissance or Medieval Style Party.

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Menu #1:

Pulled Pork
Chunky Applesauce with berries
Roasted Potatoes with onions
String Beans

Menu #2:
Roast Turkey
Wild Rice Stuffing with oranges,currants & nuts
Turnip Greens

Menu #3:
Chicken a la Orange
Sweet Cornmeal Stuffing
Pigeon Peas & Rice

Menu #4:

Beef Short Ribs
Rice with vegetables
Harvested Greens

Menu #5:
Country Style Pork SpareRibs

Menu #6:
Garlic Chicken Legs
Vegetable Couscous
Cranberry/Orange Sauce With Pecans

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