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Good Tidings and May God Bless Thee. I AM in soothe, Leza Mesiah and my character is The Moor of Dundee, Bard 343 of the Bardic Realm Guilde. As The Moor of Dundee, the Rogue of Dundee stole my heart. From this union I have brought a cultural cornucopia of delights to these heathen English of the 1500’s.

From my country a new culture, foods, spices and music is shared with the Highlanders and the Celtic tribes around. The English and Spanish Pirates have also shared in this cultural exchange. Luckily, we all have learned the true meaning of sharing that has developed into loving friendships. Out of this peaceful exchange we have learned we are more alike then we are different and that 98% of what is essential isn’t visible to the human eye. Through this association, I have put together some of the Best Ballads of the British Isles in honor of those friendships and the love we share for the LIFE of Historical Re-enactment Play. This exchange of cultures has brought forth a collection of Songs, Recipes and Natural Medicinals ideas for longevity and health. My ancestry hails from the Africa’s has well as the Celts of Northern France and Ireland…..The Moors stole the Celt children and the Pirates stole the African Children…All Peoples got stuck in the middle, and now is a time for PEACE. I AM all people and celebrate in song. This site exhibits and represents ancient spirits, which foster FUN, educational learning of customs and cultures different and yet often similar to our own. Historical re-enactment gets me in touch with history in a very personal way. It’s about shared traditions and our interwoven histories not always taught in schools and often left out.

Artistic expression, teaching and sharing. The best way “I” know to share is through music; it changes hearts. Thus A CD that pulls together some of my favorite Child Ballads, Broadside Ballads, Sea Shanties, and a few original tunes that highlight a period within the Renaissance. The Best of the Ballads are within your grasp. THANK THEE, Kind Patrons and Visitors of this site. I appreciate your interest and support. Good Day to thee, one and all. May you find peace and joy everyday of your life dost say THIS Bardic Nubian Princess and Queen. May the Lord Bless and Keep thee. May the Goddess within Protect Thee.

A TOAST to one and all! God Speed on thy journey in Life!

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